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they call me mellow pink's Journal
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Below are the 8 most recent journal entries recorded in they call me mellow pink's LiveJournal:

Saturday, May 18th, 2002
11:53 am
i was just thinking to myself...does anyone actually read this? lol if you are out there and reading this leave me a note!

last night was a lot of fun..even though "george" came to town during lit..oh well. i had majorama cramps from like 4-7 (random time i know) ellenmarie's hot neighbor dave must have thought i was some freak..i was like laying there speechless on the couch haha the rest of the night was good though..we went driving--yes alone with no parental..ellenmarie's mom has her moments when you think she must be high or drunk or something..well she said we could do what we want and so we drove up to the wawa which was just like righ up the street from ellenmaries but hey it was fun haha then we went over lisa's around 9..she had some people over. but that got a little awkward since we didnt really know any of them so we walked up the street to kristys.

when we got home we watched this re-run of oprah at like 1am..it was an episode from last week that was dedicated to moms that died in the sept. 11th tragedies...well the others fell asleep while i sat there and cried like hysterically. it was so sad and also-we're (meaning my family) going to west palm beach, florida on friday and im TERRIFIED of flying..i always was even before sept 11th because i would like see plane crashes on the news and i think that must be like the worst way to die..i mean youre like a thousand feet up in the air so if something goes wrong you're like completely helpless..there's nothing you can do. watching the whole oprah thing made the terrorist thing replay in my mind and i like cried myself to sleep over it..i mean think about it-those people on the planes couldnt do ANYTHING about the 2 arab assholes that hijacked the planes..they knew they were going to die..omg its so horrible.
my mom thinks i need to just deal with it..shes not really taking me seriously and doesnt seem to care about how scared i am. she keeps saying how its safer to fly than it is to drive but for some reason i dont really buy that one. oh well they'll have to give me an anesthetic (sp?) or something to knock me out...

tomorrow i have an insane amount of homework to do...a lit paper, 7 poem exercises, my religion binder is due monday, i have a vocabulary major test monday, and project for religion due...plus spanish homework. im going to cry just thinking about it...well i better hit the sack..im soo tired
happy weekend :)

Current Mood: groggy
Thursday, May 16th, 2002
10:06 am
i am in yet another fun and exciting fiction & poetry writing class with a sub...school is such a pain in my ass but somehow i feel like im going to miss it during the summer. i have nothing else to do and life will be so dull.

i'm really annoyed right now--a lot of things are just annoying me. maybe it's just part of chaos that comes with the end of the year...ok see friday night im sleeping over ellenmaries...all of our other friends are going to this place skyline to drink...there's like 8 of them going and no one bothered to mention or invite ellenmarie, kristy and myself and im just kinda annoyed. i mean especially with kara because shes at my house a lot and i always include her in everything...but im not sure if i should like confront her about it and tell her how i feel or if i should just drop it and avoid conflict. i hate seeming like im trying to start a fight. and its weird because i know im not a loser by any means..i feel popular (not to sound like a bitch) and i do have a lot of friends..im very lucky...but now i just feel--left out i guess..damn i sound like a dweeb. another thing that is annoying me is claire lol shes one of my very good friends but she just tries so hard sometimes to fit in and be cool. one of my senior friends, christa, who's been in my spanish class the past 2 years is having a big graduation party...she gave an invitation to claire and told her to tell people..well she told one person-page..i know thats petty of me but it just bothers me..i think i let things bother me too much sometimes. and to top it off-we were planning a bridal shower for my spanish teacher in class next week...we're getting her a gift and all but now the schedule keeps changing and it's just so frustrating...

i know this weekend will be fun...minus the babysitting tomorrow and school work all day sunday..ok i take that back.i know TOMORROW will be fun...
oh well i have drivers ed tonight--thats a lovely 1.5 hour escape from my insane family..and i dont have to eat dinner with them either!!!

on a happy note--ellenmarie's dad definitely got the VIP passes for Fez...this will be an experience--me ellenmarie marley and lisa--none of us listen to Y100..hahahha

happy thursday :)

Current Mood: annoyed
Wednesday, May 15th, 2002
11:02 am
im in school right now..i never use this crap computers...we have imac's and they SUCK! no offense to the people who love imac's but ours are shitty. anyways im in fiction and poetry writing class but monster roby is out for the week so we have a sub. this day is going pretty good. i have to work tonight (i work at the convent) im not particularly looking foward to it but i have a spanish quiz to study for that will keep me occupied. this weekend will be fun--im sleeping over ellenmarie's on friday night with marley. we're gonna buy super soakers and have water fights...fun times with best friends! i havent asked my mom yet though..but she'll say yes..i wont let her say no lol i called her a bitch today in the car but she didnt swing at me since the burkes were in the car. im mad because i want to get my hi-lites re-done this weekend but shes saying no because i still have to pay for 2 months cell phone bills...i told her i already called and made the appointment (even though i didnt) so shes pissed haha i cant wait till summer because im going to literally move in with kristy and NEVER BE HOME! i cant stand home..its not even home to me..my bedroom is my only home!!!! well im gonna go..lunch is next..yum :)

Current Mood: drained
Monday, May 13th, 2002
10:28 am
hello to the possibly 2 people that actually read my journal lol
allergies suck..i get them soo badly in the spring and i hate it..i also have asthma thanks to my dumbass dad smoking while my mom was pregnant with me. can you tell im loved lol other than me not being able to breathe my day went well..the weekend was fun. on friday night kara, ellenmarie and lex came over and we had to go to this gala thing at the merion cricket club. polly (a lady i babysit for) was co-chairing it so she asked us to come and work at it..it was fun and eric snow was there!! hahaha fun times. saturday i spent mostly in suburban square getting my mom a gift and hunting for a job...i NEED a summer job!
mothers day was fun..we all went to mass then waldrons play then the ENTIRE italian clan came back for dinner.
i can tell this week will be a longass one...ugh on a happier note-mr foga thinks he can get ellenmarie me lex and lisa vip passes at fez! haaha like we even belong there! oh well
im so tired-kara called me up at 11:30 last night because she "couldnt sleep" we ended up talking for an hour about DEATH..so of course i had random nightmares..one which included spiders in my bed..ughhh lets hope this is a happier sleep
goodnight :)

Current Mood: sick
Tuesday, May 7th, 2002
11:35 pm
life sucks
all day long i have been having this huge cloud hang over my head..spanish 3 next year...it's so random i don't even know why i'm worrying about it. see this year there are two teachers for spanish 3. ms. minutella (who i have this year for spanish 2 and really like) and ms manuel (who is really cute and everyone loves her but shes a tough cookie) so i wasn't really nervous because i figured whichever i got i'd be ok..well ms manuel isn't coming back next year! shes going to live in guatemala for a year :( therefore my choices are basically minutella or ms bossone..ms bossone is a PSYCHO freak who no one can stand..if i get her next year i'll literally cry and definitely drop spanish...i won't even bother trying with her. so i really hope i get ms minutella. but i'll be worrying about it all summer i know...it's so retarded but i get worked up over the dumb shit. maybe i'll talk to ms danovich (the one in charge of courses and all that crap)
this day seemed to drag on forever. now i have the worries of who to vote for for student council president. we get to vote for two people and there are THREE running..and i know and like them all..ahhhh
thank god today was a tuesday..real world and osbournes!! it's one of my favorite days! real world was good tonight..the september 11th episode-i was wondering if they were going to do something like that. osbournes was good too but it was the season finale :( i will be lonely without them!
well im gonna attempt to go to sleep now!

Current Mood: pessimistic
Sunday, May 5th, 2002
10:48 pm
update on my oh-so-exciting life
wow i hope em doesn't hate me over not updating this thing in forever! lol she gave me the code thing i needed to make this and it was the only one she had so i swore to use it well!
anyways-last friday was my soph hop! the night before ellenmarie (my best friend) and i went to get a manicure and pedicure-> great fun! all day friday was so much fun even though i did nothing lol just the excitement was fun! i got all my last minute things (hair spray, makeup, etc) we all (me ellenmarie kristy and kait) went to lex cav's for pictures and took a limo to the dance..it went by pretty fast then it was time for katie's pool party!! it was a great time! lol kara ellenmarie kristy and me had a little too much to drink on the way over...then kara and kristy sleptover and the next morning we woke up at 8AM!!! to go see miss bender and miss minutella at the narberth run..hey thats love man! it was fun though and we got to meet mr cheeseman!!!! (ms minutella's fiance) then we all went out for breakfast afterwards.
this weekend was fun..i had to babysit on friday night so i missed out on the soph keg festivities..again i say--oh well! saturday i went over kristys (as i do EVERY weekend! lol) and we went to the st. denis fair..then kristy sleptover. it was ok..see she has a new boyfriend-francis. actually we've known him since 2nd grade but they just started going out. well he decided to call MY house at 1:45AM to talk to her..i was like so asleep. and kristy like talked to him as if it was 12 noon. I was pissed and after telling her to shut up numerous times i finally was just like "fine im going in another room" then cockily she was like "ugh no ill go in the other room" as if it was inconvenient for HER..yeah this is my great friend kristy..she always refers to us as sisters which im starting to see more and more. we definatly FIGHT like sisters and plus i live at her house and call her stepmom mommy #2 and im basically part of the family. She annoys me like a sister..oh well its just something i have to live with lol im sure there are things about me that annoy her too..i guess thats what friendship is all about. if i could live with anyone i think i would want to live with ellenmarie. We are like the same person...2 peas in a pod as her mom once put it. i cant believe i didnt discover her before lol i dont know how i'd live without her!
well enough of my sappyness..im tired now
oh and in case you're wondering about my choice of music-i've got "going to the chapel" on my brain because kara and i are planning a little bridal shower for ms minutella lol so that song is just fresh in my mind!
happy monday (i suppose!)

Current Mood: awake
Monday, April 22nd, 2002
10:47 am
Mondays SUCK
Monday's TOTALLY suck...i'm on a total pms rollercoaster..which sucks because my soph hop is friday so i should be happy and excited this week. My emotions are driving me crazy and i like can't control it. I can't stand my mother. We don't really get along the way other mothers and daughters do but she does a lot for me so i can't really complain. We just faught like all night tonight..which makes me tired. The only thing keeping me going is knowing what an awesome weekend it will be..on Thursday i'm going over Ellenmarie's and we're getting our nails done, then going to the ohara fair. Friday is soph hop-me ellenmarie lex and kristy are going in a limo together..we're all meeting at lex's before for pictures. Katie is having the after party at her house --> a poooool party!!! it'll be soo much fun..then kara is sleeping over and we're going to the narberth run on saturday morning. Ms. Bender and Ms. Minutella are running in it so we promised we'd go and cheer them on..haha fun times. I just wish this week wouldn't drag on forever but i have a feeling it might...oh well..osbournes tomorrow!! YAAAY!!!!!! happy tuesday ;)

Current Mood: cranky
Sunday, April 21st, 2002
11:26 am
hello chums
well this is my first livejournal entry..woo-hoo!! haha hmmm what can i say about myself? i guess im your average teenager...trendy as emily would say! i go to an all girls catholic high school..some think it sounds like hell on earth but i actually like it..the whole sisterhood thing fits me well. some people like hate it with a passion..but i can't imagine myself anywhere else. this year was definatly one i will never forget. my dad was sick on and off between september and november and we finally found out it was cancer. he had surgery in january and it was hell for the following month. but now he's doing better and getting back to his normal life. that made me emotionally wacky but it also made me realize what AWESOME girlfriends i have..like seriously i would not survive without them! i have a lot of friends but i have to say my BEST friends are ellenmarie, kara, kristy and emily. they are the ones i share EVERYTHING with...hmm what else about me? i have 2 younger bitch sisters and 3 older hald brothers (yep that gets confusing) my parents think we are a great family but personally i cannot stand them...oh and im going to move to new york after high school and become the next katie couric!! well thats me in a nutshell!!

Current Mood: blah
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